Post-IPO Management

Achieving and maintaining the best valuation and attracting a large investor base in the long run is a key indicator of a company's success.

The effort of attracting investors is not limited to the day of the IPO, which marks an important milestone; instead, it is an on-going marathon which tests for endurance to build long time upward value of the company .We provide expert advices on the critical matters affecting a public company, including external reporting, quarterly earnings, M&A transactions, capital raises, financial guidance, shareholder communications, and investor interaction strategies. We leverage our resources to create and deliver the most influential programs to meet the needs of each clients.

The importance of investor relations and market value management:

To achieve extraordinary market performance, companies need to optimize investor relations in two ways: First, the market needs to see the company’s solid financial data and commitment to future development; second, the company needs to spread its latest news to the market with topics to attract continuous investment. For many SMEs, it is difficult for them to directly attract the attention of analysts; and analysts are less likely to notice such companies. Therefore, it seems quite difficult to win the favor of these institutions. But on the other hand, just because the company’s topic is new to analysts and investment managers, as long as the topic is exciting enough, the previous low exposure can become a company advantage.
Our post IPO services include:

External reporting and compliance with regulations:

  • Quarterly earning release management (10-K, 10-Q)
  • Significant event reporting (8-K)
  • Support in preparing secondary offerings or other corporate actions
  • Rule 411 transaction
  • Develop internal control, SOX services
  • Employee stock incentive program development service
  • Provide accounting services and financial reporting system upgrade

Appointing the suitable IR firm to perform the following:

  • IR website development and coordination
  • Shareholder communication systems to manage and respond to investor inquiries
  • Organize media updates through press conferences and media outlets
  • Analyst relations by courting and managing the analyst community
  • Assist the board of directors in making statements and liaison with the parties