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Daimosa Corporation

In 2004 Daimosa Corporation has entered the Metal Working Fluid (MWF) market. The Research & Development lab has developed a full range of water soluble MWF products which can be used in grinding, machining and drawing applications of ferrous and non ferrous materials.

The MWF product range can be divided in Synthetic, Semi synthetic and Emulsion type. The synthetic products are called Daimosyn, the semi synthetic products Daimosol and the emulsion products are called Emulsion. Within each type specific products for low foam in soft water, high EP lubricity and non ferrous versions have been developed.

All products have been tested on concentrate and emulsion stability, Ferrous corrosion control, Aluminum staining and foam properties.

In 2012 Daimosa Corporation, the agent of the British manufacturers of special plastic additives, has entered the plastic additives market. The main products include: slip agents, anti-blocking agents, antistatic agents, anti-fog agents, UV absorbers. Each product is given for a variety of plastic and gets the U.S. FDA and EU food contact certification. We look forward to bring the higher quality and more valueable products for the plastic industry.

Chingtide Vietnam Co.,Ltd

Daimosa Technology Corp.

The Vietnam Branch Daimosa Technology Corp. was established in Long Thanh Industrial Zone, Dong Nai pro., in 2007, mainly engaged in sales of Metal Working Fluid, paint and ink solvent, and chemicals.

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